Charities & Fundraisers

Charities & Fundraisers

We have a higher or lower card game and red or black roulette game that both work really well with large events and dinner nights. Your guests pay to play and have to choose to either go for higher or lower, red or black depending on the game. The winner is the last person standing and takes home a prize of your choice. These games are a great way to start the evening's events and are a quick way to raise money for your charity. 

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At Kent Party Casino Hire we are always keen to support local charities. We have put together a package deal to ensure maximum fundraising revenue can be achieved. Along with the casino tables we will also include premium backdrops to guarantee your event is a talking point for years to come.

A two table deal would include...

  • 2.5hrs of gaming
  • Giant Roulette & Blackjack Backdrops (3m x 3m)
  • 2 fundraising interactive games
  • 2 Well dressed friendly Croupiers
  • Plus a choice of Blackjack, Poker or Roulette

Fundraising Interactive Games

These games can be played at intervals during your dinner night or event. Money is raised by your guests putting a donation to play into a pot or hat, this is collected by yourself or one of your party, for your charity. The last person standing is the winner and should receive a prize for playing.  Bigger prizes attract greater donations.
Red or Black 
This game is played using the roulette wheel and our 'red or black' cards. Your guests stand and hold up a 'red' or 'black' card. One of our croupiers then spins the wheel and everyone holding the card of the winning colour, remains standing everyone else is out for that round. You keep playing until one person is left standing.
Higher or Lower
This game is much the same as above. However, it is played with the blackjack table and 'higher or lower' cards. The winner is determined in exactly the same way. 

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