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Blackjack is a card game very similar to '21' or Pontoon. This game requires skill from the player to beat the croupier by having the hand closest to 21. Our professionally trained croupiers are happy to explain the finer points of the game and help any of your guests to fully understand the best ways to win!

L - 195cm
W - 110cm
H - 90cm
Player Capacity: 1-10 players


Roulette is a game of chance played with a spinning wheel. Players bet on which number or colour they think the ball will land on. We only use John Huxley professional roulette wheels.


L - 250cm
W - 120cm
H - 80cm
Player Capacity: 1-15 players


Poker is a game of skill and cunning where each player must bet to win the opponents' chips either by having the best hand or bluffing. We only use Bicycle brand playing cards. 


L - 213cm
W - 106cm
H - 75cm 
Player Capacity: 2-10 players
(seated gameplay, 7 seats to be provided by client)

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